What Can the Bible Teach Us?


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PREFACE—What Is God's Purpose for Us?
CHAPTER 01—Who Is God?
CHAPTER 02—The Bible—A Book From God
CHAPTER 03—What Is God’s Purpose for Humans?
CHAPTER 04—Who Is Jesus Christ?
CHAPTER 05—The Ransom—God’s Greatest Gift
CHAPTER 06—Where Do We Go When We Die?
CHAPTER 07—There Will Be a Resurrection!
CHAPTER 08—What Is God’s Kingdom?
CHAPTER 09—Is the End of the World Near?
CHAPTER 10—The Truth About the Angels
CHAPTER 11—Why So Much Suffering?
CHAPTER 12—How Can You Become God's Friend?
CHAPTER 13—Respect the Gift of Life
CHAPTER 14—Your Family Can Be Happy
CHAPTER 15—The Right Way to Worship God
CHAPTER 16—Choose to Worship God
CHAPTER 17—The Privilege of Prayer
CHAPTER 18—Should I Dedicate My Life to God and Be Baptized?
CHAPTER 19—Stay Close to Jehovah