Good News From God!


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PREFACE—How to Benefit From This Brochure
LESSON 01—What Is the Good News?
LESSON 02—Who Is God?
LESSON 03—Is the Good News Really From God?
LESSON 04—Who Is Jesus Christ?
LESSON 05—What Is God’s Purpose for the Earth?
LESSON 06—What Hope Is There for the Dead?
LESSON 07—What Is God’s Kingdom?
LESSON 08—Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?
LESSON 09—How Can Your Family Be Happy?
LESSON 10—How Can You Recognize True Worship?
LESSON 11—How Do Bible Principles Benefit Us?
LESSON 12—How Can You Draw Close to God?
LESSON 13—What Is the Good News About Religion?
LESSON 14—Why Does God Have an Organization?
LESSON 15—Why Should You Continue?