Who Are Doing Jehovah's Will Today?


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TABLE OF CONTENTS—Jehovah’s Witnesses
PREFACE—What Is God’s Will?
LESSON 01—What Sort of People Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?
LESSON 02—Why Are We Called Jehovah’s Witnesses?
LESSON 03—How Was Bible Truth Rediscovered?
LESSON 04—Why Have We Produced the New World Translation?
LESSON 05—What Will You Experience at Our Christian Meetings?
LESSON 06—How Does Association With Fellow Christians Benefit Us?
LESSON 07—What Are Our Meetings Like?
LESSON 08—Why Do We Dress Up for Our Meetings?
LESSON 09—How Can We Best Prepare for the Meetings?
LESSON 10—What Is Family Worship?
LESSON 11—Why Do We Attend Large Assemblies?
LESSON 12—How Is Our Kingdom-Preaching Work Organized?
LESSON 13—What Is a Pioneer?
LESSON 14—What Schooling Is Provided for Pioneers?
LESSON 15—How Do the Elders Serve the Congregation?
LESSON 16—What Is the Role of the Ministerial Servants?
LESSON 17—How Do Circuit Overseers Help Us?
LESSON 18—How Do We Help Our Brothers in Distress?
LESSON 19—Who Is the Faithful and Discreet Slave?
LESSON 20—How Does the Governing Body Function Today?
LESSON 21—What Is Bethel?
LESSON 22—What Is Done at a Branch Office?
LESSON 23—How Is Our Literature Written and Translated?
LESSON 24—How Is Our Worldwide Work Financed?
LESSON 25—Kingdom Halls—Why and How Are They Built?
LESSON 26—How Can We Help Maintain Our Kingdom Hall?
LESSON 27—How Can the Kingdom Hall Library Benefit Us?
LESSON 28—What Can Be Found on Our Web Site?
Will You Do Jehovah’s Will?