Original Songs


The Best Life Ever
We Won't Forget You
If You Could See What I See
What Means the Most to Me
Never Give Up
“Honor Jehovah With Your Valuable Things”
Give You My All
Glad I Passed the Test
Now Is the Time
Just a Smile
Finding Treasures
Jehovah Welcomes You Home
Joy of Conventions
I Give You My Best
Take Your Time, Choose Wisely
Imagine the Time
Keep the Pace
Blessings of Learning a Language
Don't Run So Fast
“Follow the Course of Hospitality”
Our Thanks Go to You
Where I Belong
Forgive One Another
Just Around the Corner
Study Makes You Strong
Your Word Endures Forever
Stop, Think, and Pray
Building My Future With Jehovah
Faith Can Make Things Happen
I Keep Your Reminders
I Can Get Back Up
We Marvel at Your Work
Precious Daughter
Let's Take the Leap
Look at Me
Inspired by Your Wonders
Important Things
Truly in Love
A Place That Will Bring You Praise
Confident in You
I’m Making a Change
Never Alone
Brotherly Love
Do Not Be Afraid
The Search
True Friends
You Can Count on Me
With Jehovah, We Are One
Give Me Courage
All I Can Give
Each Day Has Its Own Anxieties
Be Courageous and Strong
Thankful for God's Creation
We're Your Family
“Fight the Fine Fight of the Faith”
Jehovah’s Always by Our Side
The New World to Come
I Give My Life to You
Unfailing Love
Roll It on Him
Just Like a Child
Our Joy Eternally